Here a small Do-It-Yourself whim. Boring cutting boards, are not we all in our cupboard? And what do you do with a cutting board that stinks of onions? I was completely done with my sniff ritual every time I took a board. Or sandwiches that taste like onions … not really great either. Time for some clarity. I think it is now even legible for the visually impaired which shelf is intended for the onions;). Here and there some patterns with the soldering iron signs and cooking is already a bit more cheerful.

What do you need?:

Wooden boards. For sale at the Action. I have now given my old boards a face lift :).
Soldering iron. For sale at the Lidl.
I had already said that this was a Do-It-Yourself fad … as with every whim, speed is an accompanying factor. It turned out later that I had not completely unpacked the soldering iron box … oops! Several solder pens were left undisturbed. I could have made really nice patterns with that! Fortunately there are a few forgotten naked boards in the closet … Xx Devereaux ps: Tiger was also visiting, did you discover him in between the pictures ?!