With some cutting boards and paint you can create fun graphic cutting boards in no time! Then you have colorful and especially cozy cutting boards that you can use during a dinner with friends. TO WORK!
Step 1 // Put all the supplies ready so that you can get started right away. You need; Paint, brushes, cutting boards (we have bought these cutting boards from the Dill & Chamomile), tape and scissors.

Step 2 // Make nice figures with tape. For example stripes, triangles or other patterns. On the example you can see a bit of what we have made.
Step 3 // These figures can be colored with paint. Work neatly and try to stay within the lines of the tape.
Step 4 // Allow the boards to dry for several hours. Then carefully pry off the tape. Now you see the graphic patterns and your cutting board is ready for use! Good luck!