Pyrography, it’s something I have not known for a long time, but I’m already crazy about. Pyrography, also known as wood fires, is a way to write or decorate with a hot pen in wood. After a search on Pinterest, I came across so many nice things that I knew for sure that I wanted to try it myself. I ordered a set with burner and different dots and of course I had to draw inspiration for what I want to make myself. You can see my favorites on It’s About Beauty today.
Burning ladles is relatively easy and cheap. The wood is sanded and the wood is soft, making burning easy. And if things go wrong, you just buy a new ladle and try again. I definitely want to try out some patterns. Nameplate This seems to me much more difficult, but I would like to make my own nameplate for my new home. I still have to keep practicing for a while, because you really have to get a feel for it before you can draw and write a bit. Hopefully it goes well for me because I find this much more fun than such a standard sign of the store. Personal cutting board
Cutting boards are also fun objects to decorate through wood fires. This seems to me to do well, if you are looking for the right cutting board. I think that blank wood works best for this. I have no idea how bamboo (which you see a lot in stores now) burns and if that is suitable. Such a personalized cutting board also seems like a nice idea to give as a present.