Are you looking for the right inspiration to give you creative recycling and therefore the creation of unique objects of their kind? 


Practical and at the same time decorative, here are some DIY soap dish made using small stones: you can choose to coat containers or create the desired shape using glue agents. These beautiful creations will give your bathroom the elegant and refined look of a SPA and the perception of a Zen-inspired environment.From a common glass bottle it is possible to obtain in a very simple way a cute and original soap dish. Instead, here we find how to create original. The video will show you all the steps necessary to create beautiful soap dishes that of course you will be free to customize.Let’s close our selection of ideas for the creation soap dish showing you the inevitable models with dispensers that you can get from bottles of liquor or from very common jars. For truly original creations, discover how to create coverings that will decorate with taste and elegance.


Very often, when we want to furnish our home, we prefer to go to stores that sell items for the home, so you can find something special and that goes well with the remains of the furniture, but in some cases spending high figures . Alternatively, we can create the object we want with our hands, simply by following all the instructions contained in one of the many guides on the internet . In the following steps, in particular, we will see how to succeed in correctly creating a beautiful personalized soap dish .



The soap is generally a sodium or potassium salt of a long- chain aliphatic carboxylic acid ; It is produced and used to dissolve fatty substances in cleaning processes. It is prepared by means of a process called saponification, or alkaline hydrolysis , of animal or vegetable fats leading to the formation of carboxylic salt (the soap) and an alcohol (generally glycerine). Used as a detergent, soap acts as a surfactant. The soap molecule has a negatively ionized hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tail. 



Our era is characterized by the continuous purchase of new products : as soon as objects and clothes seem old, we do not spend much time thinking about how to reuse them and satisfy our needs with those we already have available. In fact, the reuse of these objects would not only save money, but also make a good gesture to safeguard our planet, avoiding pollution. Very often our superficiality in judging by now unsuitable objects is also due to the lack of knowledge of the ideas that would allow us to re-evaluate them. In this guide we will provide some advice on how to reuse soap bars, which are most often thrown away before they are completely finished.


One of the most beautiful and relaxing things we can do when we get home after a long day at work is certainly a nice warm and fragrant bath . 

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There are many soaps and perfumed essences on the market that can make our bathroom much more pleasant. Sometimes we happen to waste a lot of time turning to the various stores looking for a unique and special gift for our friends or relatives and often after so much effort in research the cost is also very high. So we can try to make things on our own, spending very little money. In this guide, in particular, we will see how to manage to create a beautiful wreath of soap bars for the bathroom. The nice thing about this creation is that we will make the soaps ourselves, and then we will have the opportunity to choose the fragrances that we like best, personalizing them. So let’s see how to create a wreath of soap bars for the bathroom through a few simple steps in which we will give useful advice about.